A Delicate Flower: Reclaiming Your Vaginal Youth

Like every part of the human body, whether male or female, aging takes its toll. The vagina and labia are no different. Because women also have childbirth to contend with, the vagina, vulva, and labia can become distended and loose after a vaginal childbirth. They may also have tearing to their perineum during childbirth, which may or may not be properly repaired afterwards. Weight gain as well as loss can also affect the overall appearance of the vulva, labia, and the vagina. Modern science and medical technology has now made vaginal rejuvenation possible. Here is what you need to know about this exciting procedure.

What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery?

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is plastic surgery for the female genitals. Most of the time, the surgery is performed for purely aesthetic and pleasure-inducing purposes, but sometimes, the surgery is necessary to improve underlying health concerns.

What Does The Surgery Entail?

The most common vaginal rejuvenation surgery is a combination of tightening the vagina, which is called vaginopasty; labioplasty, which is reshaping the labia, the inner vaginal lips; and vulvoplasty, which is reshaping the vulva, or the outer vaginal lips. You and your physician may decide that you require all three procedures, or you may just need one or two. Another option is having fat either removed or added to the labia, or having the hood over the clitoris scaled back, which will make obtaining an orgasm easier.

How Is The Surgery Performed?

Laser surgery is the preferred method of vaginal rejuvenation. With laser surgery, the surgeon has increased control, which leads to a more precise finished appearance. Laser surgery also reduces bleeding, as it cauterizes the incision as it goes. A pudendal block, which is a local anesthetic, is generally used for the procedure. However, some women also opt to have additional surgery to correct problems with incontinence at the same time they have the vaginal rejuvenation surgery. In this case, most patients are given general anesthesia.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery?

In additional to women who have had vaginal childbirths, women who were obese and then lost weight are good candidates. Oftentimes, the vulva and labia are left disproportionate to the reduced body size. Some women have a very large vulva and labia, which can leave them feeling self-conscious in intimate relationships or even in their clothing. Sometimes recreational activities, such as horse or bicycle riding may be impaired. Lastly, post-menopausal women may feel better and maintain an interest in sex after having a vaginal rejuvenation procedure.

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