Skin Care Tips For Women Going Through Menopause

As you go through menopause, your body is going to stop making as much collagen which is going to result in your body gaining wrinkles at a much faster rate than before. If you have dry skin due to the fact that you are not drinking enough water, you might also experience a greater level of sagging. This can cause you to not like the way that your skin looks, especially around the neck, cheeks, and jowls. Here are some skin care tips for you so that you can stave off some of the negative side effects of menopause and allow you to like the way that your facial area looks.

1. Refuse to Use Products That Don't Also Have a Moisturizer

Get rid of any skincare products or makeup that don't have a moisturizer in it. This is because after menopause, your skin dries out at a faster rate. If you use skincare products that don't moisturize, you are going to accidentally strip the moisture that your skin does have away. If you use makeup without moisturizers, your face is going to produce a higher level of oil that is going to result in your experiencing acne. Simply go online to find products with moisturizer.

2. Use a Dedicated Moisturizer 

Whenever you get out of the shower or wash your face and neck, be sure that you apply a dedicated moisturizer yourself. This will allow you to lock in the moisture from your shower. It might take a little bit longer than usual for you to stop feeling slimy, but it is worth it because your moisturizer, when applied to wet skin, will be much more effective. This can help prevent your skin from sagging as much.

3. Increase Your Soy Intake

Try to switch to drinking soy milk sometimes. Getting it in your daily latte or adding it to your cereal are easy ways to do so. Soy has a high level of estrogen in it that will help encourage your body to actually produce more collage, which can help reduce the amount of wrinkles that you experience since your skin will remain thick. 

4. Exercise

Exercise is going to help your skin because it will boost blood flow which will reduce the wrinkles that you get. It will also reduce the amount of stress that you experience, which can also help your skin.

For more information, talk to a professional who specializes in menopause treatment.