4 Advantages Of Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is a method for removing skin cancer tumors that is known for its precision and accuracy. Mohs surgery is unique because your surgeon removes a very thin layer of the cancerous area, immediately checks it under a microscope for cancer cells, and then moves on to the next very thin area, rather than removing one large area at a time. The use of microscopes in the surgical process allows for much greater accuracy than other types of skin cancer surgery. Here are four of the main advantages of Mohs surgery:

Mohs Offers a High Cure Rate

Because Mohs is so precise, it offers an exceptionally high cure rate of over 99%. This gives you incredible peace of mind, knowing that after your procedure you will most likely be completely cured of cancer and not have to undergo further surgeries or chemo.

Mohs is a Quick In-Office Procedure

Mohs is easier on patients than conventional forms of cancer removal surgeries, and is typically performed as an in-office procedure requiring only local numbing cream instead of general anesthesia. The actual procedure may only take a few minutes, depending on how extensive the affected area of skin is, and most patients get to rest comfortably in the waiting area while the skin cells are thoroughly examined and tested. While the skin involved in the procedure will take a few weeks to recover and heal, you will most likely be able to resume normal activities immediately, as long as precautions are taken to protect your skin.

Mohs Leads to Less Scarring

Another major advantage of Mohs surgery is that it usually leads to less risk of scarring than other types of surgery. Since only a thin layer of skin with a small diameter is removed at a time, instead of a large section of skin being removed, most patients find their skin heals very nicely after the procedure. Your dermatologist will be able to offer skincare products and services to further minimize the risk of scarring from your Mohs procedure. 

Mohs is More Accurate

Older forms of skin care surgery were not nearly as effective or accurate, often leading to skin cancer remaining behind after a surgery. Because Mohs incorporates the use of microscopes, the tumor is accurately located and removed, leaving only healthy skin cells behind.

If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, you should discuss your available options with your doctor, including Mohs surgery.